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Give It to Me
Nanoginats Soul Single
English - Pop * This is a summer release composed by Aldeoni and Jorge Varella. It is a soulful and sexy tune sung, arranged and produced by Aldeoni. This project is developing organically, broadening their friendship and musical talents.
Day in Day out XP
able XP

Pop - This is a pop tune with a social conscience. The trumpet player Irapoan Freire sings it in Portuguese mixed with English. The lyric tells a story of domestic violence and corrupted love affair, the marital drama that pushes couples to a tragic and sad end. Powerful stuff with light bossa vibe and soft vocals.

able XP
able XP

Pop - Alternative Dance * able XP is a project band combining the talents of Mr A and Mr M, both musicians and song writers from London that have been working together since the days of Windows 98 and iMac G3. Mr M is a producer and guitar player with a healthy experience of African guitar picking styles and blues, while Mr Ais an eclectic programmer/ producer/ composer with a prolific sense of world music, jazz and pop.

Groove n' Bossa
Groove n' Bossa
Acid Samba - Instrumental Bossa * Groove n' Bossa is led by Marcos Vianna, guitar player and producer with an early background in rock and other progressive musical styles. He teamed up with Carlos Coppos to produce this exciting CD that proves that Boss Nova is alive and developing into new territories. This release c features Leyla Maria on vocals and will become a must hear for people interested in jazz, samba, bossa, electronic and instrumental music.
Abel Duere

New British Soul - A slow motion and soulful song written, composed and produced by Aldeoni. It is Alternative Music on the genre of New British Soul sang by Aldeoni, featuring Laura Merino's haunting backing vocals and a soft nylon string guitar solo played by Aldeoni. The single is out on Quantitum Records - www.quantitum.net A slow motion and soulful song written, composed and produced by Aldeoni. It is Alternative Music on the genre of New British Soul sang by Aldeoni.

Nilson Batata
A Thing For You
Percussive Dance - Lounge * Nilson Batata is an extremely talented musician, singer and composer. His music has a very contemporary feel and he is also blessed with the spiritual vibes of Bahia and the sensuality purveyed in Rio de Janeiro. If you have been to the beach night clubs in Morro de Sao Paulo or experienced a sunset in the trendy beach cafes of Ibiza, you know that feeling, you can easily understand the vibes and sounds coming from Batata’s music and his collaboration with promising DJs
A Thing For You
Dance Music * The 4/4 beat goes on inside this Las Vegas Club inspired track. It is an electronic funky housy track with sexy female vocals, gliding synths and rolling bass. Nanogiants goes on from strength to strength and this is their third single release by Quantitum Records. Catch their video on YouTube, an easy drive around the strip.
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