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Latin percussion has come a long way since arriving in Afro-Cuban New York and its vibrant melange with Jazz. It was first introduced in Rock and Pop music by Santana Band in the late 70’s, since than percussion (congas, bongos and effects) has become the way to bring a touch of Latin and Afro flavour to all kinds of musical styles. Now in the 21st century Brazil is giving us another inspiring musician  that is innovating the use of percussion and he is using it on a new variety of musical styles adding his Afro-Brazilian sound to electronic dance from Lounge to Trance and Rave.

groove n bossa studio

Not only DJs are interested in Nilson Batata, some well know jazz musicians have noticed this man’s musicality and invited him to collaborate. Batata has participated in projects with people like Stanley Jordan, Hermeto Pascoal, Milton Nascimento, Stanley Clack and many more. He will be releasing his first single in the UK on this spring/summer 2012 - the release is called “I Hope You Come”. We hope he will come to Europe to give us his live performance and maybe he will add a few workshops for those wishing to learn and get infected with his vibes.

Nilson Batata
Brazilian Day London

Nilson Batata will perform in London's summer 2012 and has been invited to the main stage @ the Brazilian Day in London this july 2012. The show is sponsored by the Brazilian TV Network, TV Globo and it is transmitted worldwide via cable and satellite. The BD is an yearly event presented by the highly respected Brazilian journalist and TV presenter Sergio Groisman, the last one took place at the world famous O2 Arena and was a huge success.


Surfing is one of Batata's sportive passions. He practices his moves while taming the sparkling waves in Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. His music delivers a club vibe and creates the sound track for an active life, rich with outdoor pursuits and high spirit. He also finds time to study martial arts like capoeira and jiu jitsu with a great degree of confidence. He lives a healthy life in Brazil playing his percussion and taking in the best that nature has to offer.

Life Style @ Rio
Show @ Brazil
Batata's live performances are something truly new and exciting. He plays a drum kit mixed with percussion bits, including bongos and three piece congas. His sense of swing and time keeping is impeccable while his sensibility for effects and sounds cape is totally awesome. This guy sings and talks to the crowd with a great easy and his performance works in jazz clubs, serious dance venues and night clubs where alternative and electronic dance music is enjoyed and appreciated by an international crowd
workshop Percussion Workshop - Nilson Batata gives workshops in Afro-Brazilian percussion, including traditional and contemporary rhythms. He was born in Bahia and has been living in Rio de Janeiro for many years, thus acquiring knowledge and taste for music from both regions. He teaches all different techniques to play the many different percussion instruments such as congas, tambourim, xaquers, triangles and berimbau. He plays a drum kit mixing lots of percussion instruments while developing a very personal style. Students, venues and schools whishing to book workshops should contact quantitum.net for details and more information.
Banda Black Rio

Nilson Batata is back in Rio after a very successful European Tour with the world famous Banda Black Rio. They performed to very enthusiastic audiences in Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London's Ronnie Scotts where I was able to hear and see with my very own eyes the effect Rio's Jazz Samba Funk grooves can have over the well discerning punter. Ronnie Scotts’ extremely sophisticate jazz wise public were taken to a dancing frenzy and standing ovation. They loved every number played by BBR and the brave English speeches delivered by the Brazilian band’s front man, William Magalhaes. The music press also noticed Nilson Batata's magical effect, musical genius and inspiring stage presence.

Nilson Batata on Tour