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Abel Duere

Afro-Celtic * He brings Angola and Brazil closer together. His music has the drumming and harmonic traditions from the African continent coupled with the naive sensuality of Brazilian music. He sings with a crisp and beautiful African voice. He performs with a multitalented band and does a great deal to help the homeless Angolan children. Duere is all round a conscientious, sensitive and talented artist.

able XP
able XP

Pop - Alternative Dance * able XP is a project band combining the talents of Mr A and Mr M, both musicians and song writers from London that have been working together since the days of Windows 98 and iMac G3. Mr M is a producer and guitar player with a healthy experience of African guitar picking styles and blues, while Mr A is an eclectic programmer/ producer/ composer with a prolific sense of world music, jazz and pop.

Capoeira - Acid Samba - Afro-Brazilian * This project was recorded in Rio de Janeiro by some of the greatest percussion players and singers hat have devoted their lives to samba, Afro-Brazilian beats and Capoeira Angola. It is a sensitive piece of art which can serve as sound track to "roda" circle arena where capoeira is danced and practiced, or ambient track to take us into Capoeira Angola's journey. All tracks are played utilising Pandeiro, (name given to Brazilian tambourine) and berimbau (one string instrument played with a stick and shaker).
Cut Paste Generation
Experimental - Pop * Cut Paste Generation is a project bringing together artists from 4 continents. The tracks were produced in Rio, London, Madrid and New York with the help of talented friends like Ze Luis, Leleo, Rajesh, Natalie, Aldeoni, Keith Franklin and Irapoan. The project is currently mixing and finishing an album to be released later this year. They mix a variety of music styles with electronic and acustic vibes.
Diego Figueiredo
Jazz - Classical - Instrumental * Diego is part of a new generation of virtuoso guitar players from Brazil. He started very young, studied classical guitar in Berkley and São Paulo and has won various prestigious trophies, including Montreux Jazz Guitar competition in 2005 and 2007, a young man that has already achieved a great deal. His most recent solo album is a huge delight, his live performances are amazing and exhilarating. He performs Brazilian Popular Music, Classics and Jazz on his own unique style, to the highest level one can possibly achieve.
El Sol
el sol
Hispanic - Pop - Instrumental * Sol is a project from Madrid with the lead of Irapoan Freire, one of the most respected trumpet players in the spanish new flamenco scene. Irapoan has played with many famous people like Caetano Veloso and Paco de Lucia. This first release features Laura Merino on vocals, singer from Aranda del Duero now resident in Madrid. "La Mentira" is something new and can be heard and bought on Quantitum Records.
Fabio Fonseca
Bossa - Acid Samba - Instrumental * Fabio was born in Rio de Janeiro and he is a multitalented producer and keyboard player with many sucessful projects to his belt. His latest album takes us through a rich musical tradition developed by people like Doum Romão, João Donato and Ed Lincoln. The harmond organ is featured through out this album, in fact, it is a harmond journey through the best bossa samba music you are ever likely to hear.
English - Pop * nanogiants is a project developed with the contribution of talented people like Natalie Black (singer), Aldeoni (writer and producer), Mr M (guitar player) and J. Varella (bass player). They have been working together for the past 2 years; writing, arranging and producing many well crafted tracks. Listen to their latest releases and get the flavour of what this sparkling project is about.
Gaucho Brothers

Pop * We rarely hear violin featured with drum machines, loops and synthesisers. Yes electronic pop music lives on and moves in an uncompromising danceable exploration. Having played with many well known Argentinean and Spanish stars, Tancredo has retained some of that influence and brings it into the 21st century on what we may call future pop. The project was written and produced by Aldeoni, an artist with writing and production experience on three continents.

Marcos Vianna
Acid Samba - Instrumental Bossa * Marcos Vianna is a talented guitar player and producer with an early background in rock and other progressive musical styles. He teamed up with M. Cabral to produce this exciting CD that proves that Boss Nova is alive and developing into new territories. This release has already become a must hear for people interested in jazz, samba, bossa, electronic and instrumental music. Marcos is available for shows during 2013.
Acid Samba * Leleo is a singer, composer and Acid Samba DJ signed to the UK label Acid Jazz, with a very danceable electronic samba swing album released August 2008. He performed several very successful gigs in London, including Favela Chic, Guanabara and the ICA. Leleo was recommended by the London magazine Time Out as one of the best gigs in town on the 4th of October 2007. Leleo will be touring Europe summer 2009 playing with his band Maravilhas and doing sole DJ sets showcasing his Acid Samba brand, Maravilhas Night.
Nilson Batata
Percussive Dance - Lounge * Nilson Batata is an extremely talented musician, singer and composer. His music has a very contemporary feel and he is also blessed with the spiritual vibes of Bahia and the sensuality purveyed in Rio de Janeiro. If you have been to the beach night clubs in Morro de Sao Paulo or experienced a sunset in the trendy beach cafes of Ibiza, you know that feeling, you can easily understand the vibes and sounds coming from Batata’s music and his collaboration with promising DJs
Sexy - Groove n' Bossa
Bossa Blues * This is a fine mellow and soulful track composed by Marcos Viana, Carlos Coppos and Aldeoni. It was filmed and recorded in Rio de Janeiro with the brilliant vocals by Leyla Maria and a smooth guitar solo by Marcos Viana. Aldeoni, our label producer,  wrote the lyrics in London, Walter Guimaraes added extra drums and effects in Madrid. You must hear this track that has been receiving excellent comments and it's released on Quantitum Records with a dance mix soon to follow.
Sergio Avila
World Music * The panpipe is played by the talented Sergio Avila and Merton Otrem produced this aired and relaxing album. They bring to the fore a selection of tunes that best define the Andean atmosphere, the mystic and romantic side of the Inca culture. Sergio was involved with the band Incantation and many other successful projects that were used on Hollywood movies and documentaries soundtracks, including the BBC. Listen to “Breath of the Gods” to relax or transport yourself to the Andes.
Groove n' Bossa
Groove n' Bossa
Acid Samba - Instrumental Bossa * Groove n' Bossa is led by Marcos Vianna, guitar player and producer with an early background in rock and other progressive musical styles. He teamed up with Carlos Coppos to produce this exciting CD that proves that Boss Nova is alive and developing into new territories. This release c features Leyla Maria on vocals and will become a must hear for people interested in jazz, samba, bossa, electronic and instrumental music.
Dance Music * The 4/4 beat goes on inside this Las Vegas Club inspired track. It is an electronic funky housy track with sexy female vocals, gliding synths and rolling bass. Nanogiants goes on from strength to strength and this is their third single release by Quantitum Records. Catch their video on YouTube, an easy drive around the strip.
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