Bringing cultures closer together by promoting events, producing projects and acting as art's production consultant in various countries. We work with a broad and ecletic cast of artists spanning from musicians, designers and movie makers. We have been involved in the production of festivals and live performances in Latin America and Europe.
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PAN Video

PAN - Panorama de Arte Negra 30th aniversary on May 2010. You can watch a slide show video online available on our media server.This is a gem of Afro Brazilian history recorded in the 80'sand has photos of Clementina, Aniceto, Abdias Nascimento, Elza Soares and many more.. We are also ready to release Jongo, the documentary produced in the 70's in the Serrinha Favela community. It explains the roots of jongo, a music and dance manifestation related to samba.

Our partners have many years experience managing and promoting Brazilian Music on every continent. Artist currently available through our project are: Gilberto Gil, Chitãozinho e Xororó, Edson e Hudson, Ivo Meirelles, Pepeu Gomes, O Rappa, Neguinho da Beija da Flor, Mariene de Castro, Samuel Rodriguez, Carlos Pitta, Leleo, Mestre Carlão, Abel Duere, Marco Andre, Preta Gil, Natalie Black, Pepeu Gomes, Claudio Zoli, Funkn' Lata, Jambo Trio, Racionais MCs, Geraldo Azevedo, Groove n' Bossa, Banda Black Rio, Fabio Fonseca, Dudu Nobre, Diego Figueiredo, DJ Malboro, Margareth Menezes and Gaucho Brothers .

BMP 2010 starts with Racionais MC's this March 26th at the Brixton Academy thanks to Daniel and our partners; Brazilian Music Productions

Panorama de Arte Negra, a festival that happened in Rio on may 1980 in Cinelandia. The event brought together thousands of people to debate and celebrates Afro-Brazilian art and culture in Rio de Janeiro. Find out more and see the video on video link

Brazilian Day 2010 will take place in open air space inside the O2 Arena in Greenwich. It will happen at the end of July with music, dance, food and many stars and talents flown from Brazil. We will also put shows on many London venues like the Caipirinha and Guanabara


nanogiants'latest recording project is out now. It is a four tracks single release and it is already for sale in most worldwide digital stores like itunes and Amazon. The four tracks single has 4 diferent mixes featuring the talented singer Natalie Black and the track is called "Feeling You", a new soul eletronic pop recorded and produced in sountheast London.

nanogiants blog
Listen and buy nanogiants "Feeling You" out on Quantitum Records

Groove n' Bossa is led by Marcos Vianna, a talented guitar player and producer with an early background in rock and progressive musical styles. In 2008 he release an exciting CD which proves that bossa nova is alive and developing into new territories. Groove n' Bossa will soon release their new album. It will become another must hear project. A delight for people interested in jazz, acid samba, bossa, blues and instrumental music.

Groove n' Bossa
Listen and buy Marcos Vianna "Groove n' Bossa" out on Quantitum Records

Brixton Academy

March 2010

Racionais MC's have been developing social work geared to the deprived communities situated in the outskirts of São Paulo. The project includes school visits and lectures on drugs, police brutality, racism and other themes. The group's lyrics include slang language and idioms typical of these poor areas. The album "Sobrevivendo no Inferno" made Racionais famous and sold 500,000 copies. Still, the group adopted a dubious attitude in relation to the media and the record industry, which they regard as part of the system they fight against.


Carioca Nights full of talented capoeira masters, trendy Afro-Brazilian drumming sessions and friendly happy London party crowd. Kabula is a capoeira arts group lead by master Carlão. You must get there early if you wish to participate on the caporira workshop, roda practice and drumming. Don’t forget to invite your friends to experience this very uplifting event.

Carioca Nights


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50 years of Bossa


Ed Piller and Leleo played together for the first time in the comemorative celebrations of 50 year of Bossa Nova organised by Embratur. The event took placere with a party at the Guanabara on the july 2nd and an outdoor event on Coin Street's Bernie Spain Gardens, southbank of the Thames River. The event focused on the latest and most contemporary music influenced by Bossa Nova with Nossa Voz Choir, Neil C Young, Rio Jazz, Zeep and Serious B.


Fabio Fonseca was born in Rio de Janeiro and he is a multitalented producer and keyboard player with many successful projects to his belt. His latest album takes us through a rich musical tradition developed by people like Dom Um Romão, João Donato and Ed Lincoln. The hammond organ is featured through out this album, in fact, it is a hammond journey through the best bossa samba music you are ever likely to hear.

Fabio Fonseca Trio
Listen and buy Fabio Fonseca Trio "Opus Samba " out on Quantitum Records.
Leleo @ London

Leleo is back in Rio after enjoying a pint, taking part in the Shoreditch night life and inspiring the vivid social scene. He became another one of its causal residents and regulars at all famous drinking holes around the hood. The album Maravilhas received wonderful reviews and the label Acid Jazz has once more proved to be a ground breaker and a trend setter.


Irapoan is a mean trumpet player from Madrid with an amazing track record that spans from working with Caetano Veloso to Paco de Lucia. He left Copacabana last century to become one of the respected guys in the spanish flamenco scene. He also plays bossa nova, chorinho and other serious styles from Brazil. His new project, Sol, featuring Laura Merino on vocals, will be released soon on Quantitum Records.

Irapoan Freire
Groove n' Bossa

Groove n' Bossa - Things are going well for the GnB guys. They arrived in London last week to spend a summer season in London. They are rehearsing in Shoreditch and will soon record a new track with Natalie Black on vocals. The track is called Sexy and will be released before the endo of the summer. You may also be able to hear the band at venues like Caipirinha, Guanabara and Favela Chic. Dates yet to be confirmed.

Os Raimundos is Brazil's answer to punk culture, grunge, fastcore and god know what else. Yes crazy boys and girls, it looks like Os Raimundos will headline the Brazilian Day Fest that will take place at the O2 Arena at the end of July 2010. They will also play other European dates and our partners are offering dates to promoters in Spain. Ola chicos e guapas! Anyone interested in promoting or sponsoring the event in Picasso's land? Just send us an email to let us know.

Os Raimundos
Ana Carolina

Ana Carolina has been at the top of Brazilian charts for the past 10 yeras. She is loved by many Brazilians around the world and her European tour 2010 will confirm this. She is already selling tickets in many European cities and London is no exception. Our partners are bringing her to play in UK and we are proud to be part of this event that will take place at the begining of August 2010.

ana carolina
groove n bossa studio

Sexy is the name of the album released by Groove n' Bossa.The track called Sexy is a trippy mellow number composed by M. Vianna, Coppos and Aldeoni. This is a photo of the recording session in a London studio with the sweet vocals of Natalie Black. The single will be out at the beginning of autumn 2010. The band is also performing weekly jam sessions at the Caiprinha Jazz Bar 177 Archway Road in north London.

Sexy - Groove
Brazilian Day London

London Brazilian Day was once again a great success; huge crowd, barbecues, lots of caipirinhas and excellent weather, some of it due to global warming, I guess. Groove n' Bossa thrilled the punters with its hot performance and everybody had a great time. You can see the videos online and check it for yourself. It is everywhere go on check it out . Well done Vianna, Coppos, Freddy, DJ Limâo and Luana.

brazilian day

It is now confirmed that Quantitum Record will attend this year's Womex in Copenhagen and will feature Groove n' Bossa in the British Underground site stand 186. We hope to make friends and influence the world. You can read more about the event at the Womex web site. See you there!

Quantitum @ Womex
Something @ Copenhagen

Womex_2010. We braved the Scandinavian cold autumn weather to meet and greet our friends in Copenhagen; among many Jose Carlos II from Bamabamoleque and Ben Mendelson (the world music guru). The event was full of surprises and Carlos Coppos flew all the way from Rio to attend it. Groove n' Bossa is going places and breaking new frontiers, looks like 2011 will be busier than ever.


Nanogiants guys are very busy finishing their latest single called Short Step. It features Rio's street dancers on video on a very low favela budget video The single has too remixes and it will be for sale very soon. You can also visit nanogiants' webpage on the URL and find out more about their projects and aspirations.

Short Step
Sexy Party

Groove n' Bossa will give a record release party next Thursday March 24th. It is going to be theee place to be in Rio's hot night life at the Zozo - Paria Vermelha 500 - Urca -Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. The place is right by the Sugar Loaf cable train station, so noone can miss it, it is very easy to find. I was also told that DJ Imperatore from Boteco Electro will keep the party goers dancing all night long. What a wonderful clichet; all night long.

short step

Nanogiants  is constantly changing and keeps evolving with new tracks and new flavours; their latest single called Short Step is for sale on itunes, napster, vodafone, Believe Digital and online other retailers. You can visit to find out more and hear recent samples. The tune is inspired on Rio's Favela Funk with a touch of electro psycho jazz. Check out the dance moves on youtube or nanagiant's site.

Short Step
Martinho da Vila

Martinho da Vila is regarded as the greatest living samba singer. He began singing and composing in the late 1960s and has been releasing many albums since then. When he was first invited into a recording studio, he didn't want to sing at all.  He says: "I kept telling the record executives:  I am a composer and not a singer. I just want to write material for other singers".  Finally, after a series of arguments, they convinced the young Martinho to record a test track. His cool and smooth voice, combined with a suave spontaneous wit has kept him at the top of Brazil's music scene for more than three decades.

October 9th – doors open at 9PM
The Coronet London
28 New Kent Road LONDON SE1


Carla Visi is a popular Brazilian MPB, Axe singer and songwriter. She is one of the most popular and best-selling Brazilian female singers with four album releases with a Band called Cheiro de Amor, and three more solo albums. You will be able to see Carla Visi live at the Guanabara Club this november 8th. Carla started her singing as a soloist in bars around Salvador and in 1990, she was invited to replace Daniella Mercury in Companhia Clic a band from Bahia that had great success at the time. In 1991 she recorded her first album, Companhia Clic III, and in 1993 the second one Cia Clic.

November 8th – doors open at 7PM
166 Drury Lane WC2B 5PW

Carla Visi
Nilson Batata

Not only DJs are interested in Nilson Batata, some well know jazz musicians have noticed this man’s musicality and invited him to collaborate. Batata has participated in projects with people like Stanley Jordan, Hermeto Pascoal, Milton Nascimento, Stanley Clack and many more. He will be releasing his first single in the UK on this spring/summer 2012 - the release is called “I Hope You Come”. We hope he will come to Europe to give us his live performance and maybe he will add a few workshops for those wishing to learn and get infected with his vibes.


Juan Jose (JJ) is an extremely talented Andaluzian bass player and composer. He mixes flamenco jazz with North African and Mediterranean influences. We are currently featuring his music on a colourful video about East Malaga region of Costa del Sol. Listen to his music and find out more about the sites in southern Spain. Get in touch with Quantitum if you want to know more about Juan Jose and his musical exploits. see video

JJ Band