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Groove n' Bossa

May to August 2013 Acid Jazz – Bossa Blues
Acid Samba - Instrumental Bossa * The band is led by Marcos, a talented guitar player and producer with an early background in rock and other progressive musical styles. Groove n' Bossa is coming to Europe with an exciting formation featuring the briliant singer called Leila Maria and Carlos Coppos on bass. Their last album has been well received around the world and will become a must have for people interested in jazz, samba, bossa, electronic and instrumental music. Thay are available for shows from May to August 2012..
Nilson Batata

April to August 2013 – Percussive Dance – Lounge

His music has a very contemporary feel and he is also blessed with the spiritual vibes of Bahia and the sensuality purveyed in Rio de Janeiro. If you have been to the beach night clubs in Morro de Sao Paulo or experienced a sunset in the trendy beach cafes of Ibiza, you know that feeling, you can easily understand the vibes and sounds coming from Batata’s music and his collaboration with promising DJs.